“When we look deeply, we see that all we can really control is our intention”

~ Biff Mithoefe

We are at a time where conscious living is imperative with consideration of a sustainable future for the planet and every living creature that inhabits it. Currently the suffering to animals and humans alike remains immeasurable and truthfulness to oneself and to our respective, individual and collective, occupations should be the only thing we fashion through awareness of personal impact and utter clarity regarding non-harmful intention.


In relation to the extraction of Gold it is how we take, where it comes from, what it supports, who is affected and our wisdom about where to give back in a process of peace to the conflicted areas where this precious metal comes from.


In relation to design we live in a ‘Garden of Eden’ and have at our fingertips a depth of knowledge through poetry, music, teachers, mistakes and revelations, metaphysics, art, scriptures and inner knowing.


To pledge ourselves in the making of a continual and conscious effort, considerate of the present and each choice that we make to ensure that the impact of adornment does not in-fact derive from the deadly horrors of sorrow but is a benevolent celebration of a deep beauty.


Abundance belongs not at the end of the line but from the beginning.